Do You Need To File A Police Report After An Accident?

A motorist accident police report is a document that is generated by the investigating officer that responds to the request for any form of assistance at the scene of a car accident. It is a summary of all the information as regard the collision of the cars or vehicles involved, which contain both facts related to the accident and also the opinions of the investigating officer.

What Does The Law Say?

The question that pops up usually is: “When am I required to file an accident report with the police?” This is because every state has its own unique rules about when the report should be filed.

Take for example, Massachusetts requires that if someone involved in the accident was injured or if the damage to the property is over $1000. But for Alabama, it requires that a report be filed if the accident results in death, personal injury, or over $250 in damage to any property owner. Knowing the specifics of a state’s laws is paramount and an individual can then make an informed decision in regards to filing a police report or not.

Regardless of the legal requirements, it is important to get a car accident police report whether the damage is minor or not. Here is why:

If the truth must be told, there are some accidents that one does not need a police report for. And a perfect example are the ones where there are no injuries, minor injuries suffered, and everybody involved was properly licensed, fully insured and really polite to each other at the scene of the accident. What usually creates a problem is what happens at the scene is not in line with what happens thereafter when everyone has given it a thought.

There’s no intention to sound cynical, but the truth is that people tend to be traumatized and not usually themselves immediately after an accident has occurred. So, it’s no surprise that the facts may be somewhat cloudy about the accident, even just a day or two after the accident. So one may think there is no need for a police report, but later on, it dawns on the individual that there is absolutely a need for one—but that may be too late an action to take.

Insurance Claims

Almost in all cases, there is no need to file a claim with an insurer, except something strange takes place. Take for example, when the other party is trying to flee the scene. But with a report to offer to the adjuster, it will likely accelerate the claims process.

Private Property Accidents

Every now and then, the police will submit a report of accidents on private property. Private property would include private homes.

Take for example, if your friend back into your vehicle while in your driveway or your teen driver back into your garage. The one that I considered surprising is the local supermarket parking lot, which is regarded as private property. What that means is that it’s up to that individual to get the information needed so the person can file for car insurance claim . One of the first things the police dispatch will ask is where is the place of the accident. If it is a private property, they will probably not come to file an accident police report.

The car accident police report is basically for accidents occurring on the road, alleys, highways, and country and city roads.

Why a Police Report is Necessary

Aside from the provision of documentation of the accident, the police report represents an impartial third party report of the incident. This can more effectively pass as the evidence than what appears to be retold or hearsay of the story from the point of view of both parties involved. It is import to notice that the Insurer will need the police report and when one finally decides to have a personal injury lawsuit, and then having a report will be of utmost importance.

What is the Content of a Police Report?

• The scene or place of the accident

• The date and time of the accident

• Damage to the vehicles in question

• Any injuries caused by drivers or witnesses

• And the statements of witnesses to the accident or the statements of the other drivers

When you do have an evidence that supports your claim, it can brighten up your chances of a successful outcome.

If one happens to be the driver at fault, it is still equally important to have a car accident police report. And if the other driver attempts to fake an accident, with a police report on file, you can be saved from becoming responsible for a fake injury.

An official document will always be considered as more significant than the opinion of one of the parties involved. If there are discrepancies in the accounts of the accident, then a police officer’s opinion may be vital.

How to File a Car Accident Police Report:

• Call the police after an accident

• Have a discussion of the details of the accident with an officer. The officer will then ask some couple of questions, and the other drivers and other witnesses too will be interviewed to ascertain what happened.

• Ensure to get a copy of the report. After the police file the report, the individual needs to obtain a copy of the report to send to his or her insurance company.

If it is the pursuit of a personal injury case against the other party, it’s appropriate to get in touch with a personal injury attorney immediately after the accident had occurred. With An experienced personal injury lawyer, the next step to take will be explained in clear terms so as to make a successful personal injury claim to get the damage to cover for medical expenses, damages to the car, and lots of expenses.

No one wants to get involved in a car accident report issues; however, it is important that one has an absolute understanding of how it works so one is not caught in the middle for as the saying goes –  “Nobody wants it to happen, but it pays to be prepared’’

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