8 Questions That Everyone Should Ask Themselves Before Purchasing Car Insurance

There are a lot of insurance companies throwing up offers left and right claiming they have the cheapest car insurance online but you might find that after doing a little research that sometimes paying a little more money for the right car insurance will always prove to be the smart option to take.

Below you will find an infographic that will help you answer the 8 questions you should be familiar with before every purchasing car insurance online.

How Long Have You Been Looking For Car Insurance For?

We all are here for one reasons to learn more about how to find the best available car insurance and in doing so answer the 8 most common car insurance questions that most people often times overlook when trying to buy car insurance online.

1. What is the distance you travel each month?

When you opt to take public transportation, you are not only doing your environment a favor but you are also able to save money on your car insurance as well. Keep this in mind and speak to your agent about how you’ll be able to easily save more money from this little-known fact.

2. The Age of Your Car Can Determine Your Auto Insurance Quote

If your car is an old clunker you might want to sign up for just basic third party property insurance. Otherwise, what could happen is the claim could end up costing you more than what the car is worth. You’ll want to make sure you determine the actual market value of your car for this very reason.

3. There Are Limitations On Your Car and You Should Remember to Check them

When you get cheap car insurance most of the time you are going to end up what you pay for. In the PDS you will find detailed information regarding the terms of the insurer and what options you will have available to you at the time that the car may need to go into the shop for repair. Most of the time the average car insurance purchaser will not really need to worry too much about this part as their cars are typically much more affordable to work on that some of the other european cars.

4. Affording A Higher Excess and The Benefits Of Paying more Out of Pocket.

There are a lot of benefits when paying more out of pocket when going in to your car insurance claim, the most obvious benefit is when you start to see a drastic reduction in your cars insurance premiums.

5. Your Credit Rating Does Affect your Car Insurance Benefits

A lot of people have decent credit but for the ones who don’t you will definitely without a doubt be facing a much higher insurance rates as you would typically be considered a much higher risk than someone with an outstanding credit score.

6. Professional groups and Organizations and The Things you should know

Some insurance companies such as Geico will often times give you a discount if you belong to a particular group or organization. All you have to do in this case is just mention that you hold a National Geographic subscription and you will instantly start saving money on your cars insurance.

7. How to Tell If you are Getting the Best Deal Even after all of the Discounts

Make sure you check your math before buying, this will give you the ability to compare other lenders to the one you have chosen for your cars insurance. A lot of companies claim that they have the cheapest rates but after doing the math, you will quickly find out that this is not always the case. In these situations do your best and if you should need any help just use a calculator, I’ve heard on numerous occasions that those things actually work and when you need them too as well.

8. Does My Ridiculous Driving Record Affect my Car Insurance Policy

You bet is does and you will want to make sure that you make every effort possible to maintain a clean record. Having a clean and safe record will allow most insurance companies to give you insane discounts where a person without a clean record would have to pay a significant amount more. A single “fault” could hurt your premiums so tread lighting when you might think you need to speed up to get through that yellow light instead of waiting for the light to just turn green.

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